Registered Dietitian,
nutrition coach, &
diabetes educator

Learn how to stop yo-yo dieting so that you can start living. 

Working together

Are you jumping from diet to diet, always looking for the next answer?

Have you lost and re-gained the same weight time and again?

Do you have increased anxiety and stress around food?

Do you know what to do but need help with the “how” to do it?

Are you looking for a sustainable approach to your diet?

Are you looking for a way to stop your emotional eating behavior for life?

My story

Chronic dieting, weight cycling, disordered eating, exercise obsession, poor body image…

You name it; I’ve been there. 

My story probably sounds a lot like yours. I started dieting as a way to improve my self-esteem, body image, and get healthy.

What started as an innocent-enough endeavor quickly turned sinister. I became obsessed with nutrition, exercise, and body image for years. Yo-yo dieting stole years and precious memories from my life; and now I am passionate about helping people like you find a healthy, balanced way out of the vicious diet cycle. 

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