Are you ready to feel confident with food?

Learn how to stop chasing quick fixes and finally find your best diet — for life. 

It's time to...

Find or maintain your happy weight
Stop using food to cope with emotions
Keep your favorite foods in the house without over eating
Stop chasing quick fixes
Stop feeling controlled by your cravings
Stop relying on the scale as your only measure of progress
Stop relying on willpower and discipline as your only strategies

The Average Dietitian will...

Hand you a strict meal plan
Send you home with handouts
Offer intermittent sessions together
Expect you to implement everything on your own
(I know, because I did it that way for years!)
Now I know (and you probably do, too) that that doesn’t work for long term success with nutrition. 

That’s why I am Not Your Average Dietitian

I will never… 
Hand you a strict meal plan, send you on your way with overwhelming handouts, offer sporadic sessions, or expect you to implement everything on your own!
I have a unique, customizable program with frequent interactions, individualized feedback, and even daily accountability if you want it!

Coaching with me includes

Virtual calls with me (weekly or bi-weekly) so that your plan is unique to you
Weekly check ins with me so that you have support between calls
Food journaling so that you receive individualized feedback
Chat support between calls so that you have daily accountability
caroline holding a cut avocado to the camera
"Dieting stole years and precious moments from my life. Now, I am passionate about helping people like you find a healthy, confident relationship with food so that you can stop chasing quick fixes. "

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